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Back in 2007 on a chilly day I was emptying a half full wheel burrow. I work with horses and we have a metal ramp that leads up to the muck wagon. The traction on my boots weren't very good being traditional cowboy boots. I slipped and fell. I don't know how I hit my knee or how it landed. All I know is that when I realized I was laying on my belly on this metal ramp I couldn't move my right leg from the knee down. I'm not the type of person that automatically panics and yells for help. If I can I will try to do things by myself when it comes to injuries before calling for help. It took me about 5 minutes to get to my feet and when I did I limped inside. My knee hurt and by then I realized that I had hurt myself more than I realized.

Being fascinated by medicine I automatically went into treatment mode and tried to find something cold to put on my knee after I told someone that I had fallen. All I could find at the moment was a cold paper towel. I hobbled into the office and told the only adult that was there what had happened and she told me to go see a doctor since my knee was beginning to swell. I refused being concerned with the finances and insurance. I'm just more concerned in that aspect especially since I wasn't the one paying for the medical bills at that time. I wish I made the decision to go, because I ended up going anyways later that week.

When I got back to the dorm after someone gave me a ride my roommate got a bag of ice. Immediately when she touched my knee with the cloth that covered the bag of ice I was in a office type chair with wheels and I Jumped back in severe pain. I gritted my teeth and allowed the ice to do its work. I also realized that it was time to go to the doctor when I stepped down out of the bathroom and fell into the wall because my knee gave way. I had to alternate how I walked down stairs so I wouldn't end up face first. I also bought a neosporene ACE wrap for my knee and my friend forced me to use crutches for a while. The bruise that formed was on the inner side of my knee so on the tibial side right under my knee cap and it was like a deep dark purple. After a week of using the crutches and icing my knee the bruise slowly went away. I had already scheduled an appointment with a doctor before the bruise started to go away so naturally when it did get faint and i went to the doctor I felt like I wasted their time.

Anyways its been four years since that fall and I have noticed when I sit cross legged on the floor the back of my knee becomes painful and it affects my gait and flexibility. My left knee is just fine so I am wondering if what I am feeling is caused by the old injury to my knee. I am trying to wrap it again but so far it doesn't seem to be helping. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or have something similar going on?

Anything would help.

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