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I am hoping someone can help me with understanding the results of my MRI. I had a spinal fusion of the L4,L5 and S1 back in 2006. My hip pain started two three years ago and has only gotten worse. I did have cortisone and steroid injections to the hip which hasn't helped. I just picked up on my results from the MRI and the report is as follows;
[B]Technique[/B]:[/B] Axial proton density T2, coronal T1, coronal STIR, sagittal proton density T2 images were obtained without contrast.

Findings: A small effusion is seen in the left hip joint with mild joint spacing narrowing. This appears symmetric to the right. Homogeneous marrow signal is seen in the right femoral and neck. There is a small amount of inflammatory signal seen along the greater trochanter. The muscles surrounding the left hip girdle appears intact.

Impression: (1) Minimal joint effusioin and mild joint space narrowing in the hip joint bilaterally and symmetrically. No acute osseous abnormality seen in the left hip. (2) Mild trochanteric bursitis suspected in the left hip.

I look forward to some feedback as now I am taking Robaxin, Ibuprofen 800mg during the day and Vicoprofen (at night) for pain relief. :(

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