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[QUOTE=Hank laan;4860611][Hi All
I had a TKR in August 2010, achieved very good rotation (same as good knee) within 48 hours, had some fluid taken out within 14 days then on to exercises etc.

I am still experiencing moderate pain and relative discomfort 13 months on and am wondering whether I will ever be completely painless. The level of pain varies, I try to accompany my wife on a walk to our local coffee shop early every morning (2 x 2,5 KM's). Sometimes I can walk fairly well with little pain, other times I really slow down.

I am in two minds as to the value of exercise, sometimes I feel great after doing exercise whilst other times the pain increases the next day or day after. I also find that having alcohol sometimes appears to increase the pain level. I am not a heavy drinker but like most of my friends I do like an occasional single malt, wine or beer.

As an otherwise fit 72 yo I am wondering whether I am expecting too much to be totally pain free. So my questions to fellow sufferers are as follows.
Has anyone around my age experienced similar problems and did the pain eventually cease? If so, what was the time frame?

What exercises have been most beneficial?

Is it best to continue exercising even though the pain has increased or should I rest for a time until the pain level decreases?

My pain usually seems to emanate from under the front of the patella, at times it feels as though the joint is grating. has anyone else experienced something like this?

My surgeon tells me that the joint tracks normally and there are no visible problems (X-Ray and Ultrasound) although there is some inflamation present. I am concerned that there is inflamation but the surgeon does not think this is abnormal. Anyone else have this problem?

I hope that I have not bored you all to death with too much information. Any advice would be much appreciated.



Hi, Hank ~
I had bilateral TKRs in December 2010.
Like you, I am still having pain in a regular basis in both knees.
I am curious about others who will respond to your message. I assumed that I would have minimal/no pain at this point after surgery.

On my right leg, the pain is on the 'inside' of the joint.
On the left leg, it seems to be 'behind' the new kneecap.
It's very frustrating.
Advil seems to help the right leg when it feels like muscular pain.
Excedrin seems to help the left leg when it feels like sharp pain.
Sometimes I feel like a walking pharmacy!

The excercise I have found most helpful is a cross-trainer bicycle (I have a Schwinn Airdyne). I also use a Nu-Life Crosstrainer machine at the health club (it's my true favorite).
I love to walk, but get frustrated easily when the pain is bad.

I know my reply hasn't given you many answers -- but perhaps we can share our small successes.

Take care,

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