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I have posted here before, but I have started a new venture in my quest to be well again. I fell when walking my dog a year ago in July and have been in pain ever since. Last Friday, after much research and discussion, I started prolotherapy. I have tried everything else including back surgery, physical therapy, and cortisone shots in the hip trying to get back to normal.

The Prolotherapy was painful to have administered. My guess is he hit the exact place of the tear in my tendon. He also gave me injections up and down the path of the tendon. I am not allowed to take anything like Celebrex,Aleve Lyrica or anything other than tylenol. He did give mer a script for Tramadol HCL 50 mg 3x daily.. It helps a little but not nearly enough. Its hard to take it and work or drive. The pain has been constant ever since I got the therapy.

I expected it for a couple of days, not weeks. I was told that the pain is caused from the injection, which acts as an irritant. It actually stimulates the healing by doing that and causes new fibers to grow in the tendon to repair the tear.

I will post as I progress(Hopefully) I was told that I would need 3-5 treatments. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover. But the treatments here are 200.00 per session.

:) Barb

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