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Hi all

New to the forum and perhaps a thread similar to this already exists so please forgive me if I'm simply adding to the already voluminous haystack but feedback would be very much appreciated!

I've been having issues with my right knee for some time now, I'd say about 8 years but it has been manageable until recently. I may have had an injury as a child/young teenager but I cannot really remember. My knee constantly "locks" when sitting "indian style" or with my knee bent on the floor and when I stand and straighten my knee it makes a loud and very painful "pop" to "unlock".

Before the pain was only when my knee "popped" but now I feel constant pain all around my knee. I visited a orthopaedic surgeon and the x-rays came back all clear but he also said an MRI was likely needed. I did not get the MRI because of out of pocket costs.

He said it could be a plica syndrome and other than that he is not sure without an MRI.

Has anyone else ever had the same symptoms and went through with getting a diagnosis and surgery? I'm afraid I will probably end up having to have surgery but I would like to hold off as long as possible and self-treat if I can. I just purchased Cosamin DS and hopefully that will help as I am very active and just finished a triathlon, competing in a bicycle time-trial next Sunday. Another thing is that it doesn't actually hurt while I mostly hurts when I'm NOT applying weight...i.e. going up and down stairs and bending the knee. For example, today I was in a recliner and used my legs to push down the hurt! :(

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!

I had a plica. I tried conservative treatment, which failed, I lived with it for years, finally I had surgery.

I have to say, I should have gone for the surgery much earlier. Having the plica removed was very easy, and my knee is much better now, I'd say 95% less pain. I was walking within a day and pretty much recovered within a couple weeks.

Now, it might be something else, such as a cartilage problem, which wouldn't be quite so easy to fix.

Either way, though, you need to know. Save up and get the MRI. Meanwhile, don't do stuff that hurts.

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