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Have had knee problems since I was about 11 or 12 years old, I am now 30. The doctor told me back then that my knee cap was grinding against bone and I had very little cartilidge in knee and very little muscle above knee. I went to physio but felt no relief from this being young I just stopped going. I also had insoles made for my shoes back then due to flat feet and they just caused more pain.
15 plus years later I'm still in pain (a lot my own fault coz I'm stuburn) some days a lot of pain. Had a knee injury a few years back whick caused fluid on knee. The knee that happed to is the worse affected now. I now suffer from planter ficilitis and a tight achillies heel. The past 6 months I have felt the pain a lot worse. Finding it harder to get up of seats going up and worse downstars, walking in general. The feeling of my knee buckling from under me has happened a lot more. Have to sleep with a pillow under my knee to get some relief so that I may get some sleep. Feel as if my knee is pulsing alone with achilles heel doing the same. This has also started to affect my hip as it also keeps cracking the same as my knee and heel.
If anyone has any inisght on what this could be how bad this could get just any info or advice at all. I would b gratful to u all. Like I said have had this for 15 + years and is getting worse.

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