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You might want to ask the surgeon about the bird situation and antibiotics, but I don't think that will be a problem. The main concern with invasive procedures post TKR surgery is that any infection acquired from any of THOSE procedures can get into the bloodstream and travel to the knee and damage the prosthetic and surrounding tissue.

As for "visiting" your dog in the barn, believe me, your dad will be doing that and more fairly quickly once he gets home. They will be getting him up on a cane and walking stairs in physical therapy starting the day after his surgery. (They don't fool around - they get you up and walking ASAP because they don't want the prosthetic knee locking up on you. That's the reason they put the patient on the CPM machine at the end of the surgery right out of the O.R. It does that initial bending and straightening until they get you walking again.)

I'm sure your dad will be able to manage the 3 steps fairly quickly. They won't send him home until he can maneuver stairs safely. (That's why I had to go to a rehab facility before coming home. I live alone on the top floor of a garden co-op and have 3 porch steps and 14 indoor steps leading up to my apartment. They had to make sure I could safely handle the stairs alone before they would let me go home.)

Again, glad my advice and info was helpful and good luck to your Dad next week! As soon as you have time, please post so we all can find out how his surgery went.


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