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Knee problem
Feb 9, 2012
Hello, i just turned 16 years old and i am a male. Just randomly one day i sat down and my knee just locked up. I had to straighten it my self with lots of force and yes it did hurt like hell. once straightend it made a popping noise and was soar for about 3 weeks. i have been wrestling since i was 5 years old and love it. i havent had problems with my knee just it hurting from wrestling some nights since now. two years ago my knee locked up about twice a month in practice but i fought through it all year. now, this year in early september wrestling started again and yes it locked up again! i shook it off then the next week it locked up twice in a practice. I could walk but it hurt and when i turn my leg to the inside i have pain under my knee. I went too our school doctor and got an xray and an mri. nothing showed up on the xray or the mri but a lcl strain and a bruise on the patella on the right side of my left knee. i did therapy for 8 weeks and did not help at all. theres still pain and when i bend my knee it still pops and feels like its about to lock up. my brother recently had his patella shifted and needed surgery to stich it back. i went to the doctor he went to and he is sending me through therapy for 6 weeks and then i will go to see him again.. Sorry this was so long but i am very eager to know what is wrong with my left knee.. will i need surgery?


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