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A little bit about my knee. Lateral Meniscus Tear, TKR, Scoping out to get rid of scar tissue, all in a 5 month period, 18 months ago. 6 months ago, surgeon told me there was nothing else he could do for me, so went back to the surgeon I had gotten a second opinion with and was told "there is always something we can try".
I have been receiving kenelog injections about every 10 weeks, plus take 150 mg of Lyrica daily, plus use voltaren gel 3-4 times daily.
The area that is still giving me fits is on the right side, The TKR was on right knee. The area is very tender, slightly swollen, and burns, inside. I had a kenelog injection on Monday of this week, and this time it has not given me the relief it usually does. I am sore all down the side of leg up to hip area.
I am usually active, even when I hurt, but i am trying to rest knee again.
I have been told that a bone scan will tell if the replacement has moved, (regular xrays would tell too) and it would also show if there is an infection. Not sure how that works, but the cost is so very high that right now I really can not afford that.
Has anyone else had pain this far out from surgery? I am scared to death that there is infection in this knee, and I know if that is the case, revision is the only option. Any info on what else this could be would be so great, I don't think I could go thru another failed surgery right now.

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