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I'm a 20 year old female and ever since I was little I've had a problem with my right knee. Every once in awhile when I would be sitting on my knees, I would suddenly find the knee locked up in agony, feeling like something was out of place. I would have to force my leg to straighten out, which was even more agony and I could feel whatever it was slide back into place. This has happened several times over the years and it happened again today during class. I was sitting in a chair that can spin around and I had my feet planted on the floor while I gently twisted the rest of my body back in forth a little. (since my feet were staying in place, I think the bit of twisting was happening at my knees) I suddenly felt excruciating pain in the knee and quickly straightened my leg out and felt/heard something painfully go back into place. Sometimes I'll feel it start to happen if I have my knee in a sort of crooked position or if I'm really bending at the knees and I can quickly straighten my leg out before it fully happens, but today I wasn't so lucky. Whenever this does happen my knee is a little sore after and feels funny as though it could happen again at any moment so I'm trying to be extra careful. (side note: In general, when I bend my knee back and forth I can usually hear sort of like.. creaking and groaning is the best way to describe it along with cracking sometimes.)

I read online about knee dislocations but I feel as though a dislocation would land me in the hospital or something so I thought maybe what I'm experiencing is subluxation? Also, I'm not sure if this contributes to my knee problem but I was born with extremely flat feet so I walk with an unnatural gait. (I'm currently in the process of reconstructive foot surgeries, actually) Anyway, has anybody ever had this knee problem and can offer any insight? I would greatly appreciate it!

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