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Look, you need to understand that implants aren't bone. The #1 problem with them is loosening and with what you are doing to control your mind, you are destroying your joints. Your hip will give out too. They can't keep replacing the joints either. You loose about 10% of ROM with each surgery and a lot of bone. Before long, there is not enough bone left to do a revision. You keep putting that kind of pressure on your knee and you'll have a totally fused knee before long.

My surgeon is from Brigham & Women's in Boston...the Harvard affiliate. I love to walk....I have PTSD so I have tremendous anxiety too...but he has put a limit on how much I can walk...max is 20 miles/week. No running, no kneeling, and urged me to adopt a low impact lifestyle. My knees are as pristine now as they day they went in 13 years ago....even though I now have RA in them. That doesn't effect the implants. I even went on drugs for osteoporosis even though I was in the earliest stages as it helps the implants stay in the bone. I take Vit D and calcium everyday to help the bones stay strong around the implants. I'm hoping on 1 or no revisions.

But your knee seems to have gone in wrong from Day 1 and you need to find someone who is so good at TKR's that they can figure out what was done wrong. If you don't figure that out, the revision will still be done wrong. You need to find the person who writes the books on how to do TKR's. Just need a revision is not enough...they need to find out why it went wrong to start with and before they operate again.

And then start living your life in such a way that you are a good steward to that knee. We all live with anxiety and some OCD stuff but you can work on treating that another way. I have PTSD from severe child abuse and I go to therapy weekly to help me change my's worth it when you could lose your knee. Consider working with someone to make some changes, because you can't change the problems that come with implants. So you change what you can...your need to climb mountains. BTW, I totaled my knees climbing in the Rockies around I do "get it". Now I swim instead. Low or no impact. Even bicycling is better as it is not weight bearing.

But first you need to find the best knee doc you can find in your insurance. You can even call your insurance company and tell them of the problems you're having and ask their advice in finding the best knee doc you saves them $$$ in the long run. I'm in CT and I go to Boston and/or NYC to get the best and it is worth the money. I'm having surgery on my back in 2 weeks in Boston. It's just worth the time and money and travel. I've had none of the set-backs, pain and other problems of anyone I know with bi-lateral knees or the incredible neck and lumbar spine surgery I've had. I broke my neck 5 years ago and was paralyzed until the doc in Boston operated and now I'm fine. Had it had it done around here, I'd be in a wheelchair. I can't urge you enough to find the best knee doc you can.

We all have to adjust our lives as we age. I had to give up whitewater rafting after breaking my neck. But I've found that playing with grandchildren to be a good alternative(I'm 60). I still hike and bike and walk(and walk and walk)with my camera in hand. I swim and do all sorts of things most people my age don't do but yet it's half of what I used to do. But it's okay...I like my implants and the rods holding my neck together and the screws holding my rotator cuff in place. It's all about changing as we get older so that we can take the medical interventions that keep us going yet not giving up too much so that still feel alive.

good luck.............Jenny

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