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Hi there
Just discovered this site and thought I'd register and post a message. I'm due to have a total knee replacement, having endured the past 4 years of knee pain with arthritis. I have had two arthroscopy procedures within that time and a series of injections to try to put some lubrication in between the crunching knee joints, but am now going to have a TKR in mid May.
Can anyone help with any pre operative advice e.g. whether I should be trying to build up the muscles with exercise and if I should be taking anything to aide my recovery. I have read that it takes anything between 6 weeks to 6 months to recover. I work (sat down at a desk from 9am to 5pm). I don't sleep very well, due to pain in both knees, but do try to walk at the weekends for a hour or so, which, again, gives me awful pain at night.
Any advice welcome.:)
Hi Xaj1 (Jackie),
I had a bilateral patella femoral joint replacement (PFJR) 2 years ago (both done at once). The prehab and rehab are the same for PFJR and TKR. I'm assuming that you had physical therapy after your knee scopes? If so, I would recommend doing those exercises: SLR (straight leg raises), modified wall squats, single leg dips, hamstring curls, standing hip extensions and or "the clam," stretching these muscles, and ROM (range of motion) stationary biking.

It sounds like you're in a lot of pain so I would recommend doing leg exercises that don't put your knee through a full ROM (SLR's and standing hip extension). However, if you can tolerate some bending, I would recommend doing modified wall squats or single leg bends (you can google these...or google knee exercises).

The recovery is TOUGH and you must do your PT exercises after your replacement! Scar tissue forms and you need to keep breaking it up so it lays down correctly in your knee. It takes about a year for the knee to fully adjust to the new mechanics. I did my PT exercises 4 times a day! I was doing stairs the day after my replacements (we have 16 stairs that lead upstairs, I started out doing 8 of them and was doing the full set after the first week...I slept downstairs for the first week).

I'm 2 years out from mine. I was never able to bend my knees more than 85 degrees before the surgery I am up to 135 degrees of bend with the last 5 degrees just coming over the past 5 months!

The surgery is intense. You'll feel so much better after the 4 month mark (the critical healing takes place during the first 3 months). Soon, your arthritic pain will be a memory. Hang in there!


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