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Re: Hip Bursitis
Mar 29, 2012
Good news indeed -- I was wondering whether the GP had mentioned what he was referring you to the specialist for? The immediate injury or something discovered during the exam? Many hip abnormalities can be picked up on a regular X-ray. If the doctor did not send you for any imaging prior to the referral, then perhaps this is a good sign.

If you must workout, start out slow, be sure to warm up, then stretch. I would not go full speed for your normal workout. If you usually run for an hour, try out a 20 minute jog, then see how you feel the next day. I am hoping to get cleared to start swimming soon, and I know how it feels to be held back from exercise. Be careful -- the endorphins can block out pain temporarily, which would lead you to overdo it. This is a good biological response if you are trying to run away from a bear, but could cause problems if you are just trying to restart a training regimen.

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