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I had both hips replaced a year ago. I have the metal and plastic type, not metal on metal. The metal cup is glued and/screwed into the pelvis. Mine has a plastic liner. Then the "post" is inserted into your leg bone, and finally the ball piece is fitted into the top of the post and into the cup as well. Not very technical terms but hopefully you get the picture. I'm sure if you Google "hip replacements prosthesis" you can find a picture. Or your orthopedic surgeon should show you one. Mine weigh about 4lbs each but of course I cannot feel them. I was bone on bone before surgery and it has been a total success. I am totally pain free and can't believe I waited as long as I did. I have a little bursitis of the hips which is fairly common, but am assured it will go away soon. Don't worry about the "implants." they have been perfected and nowadays should last 25 years. I am walking 15 miles a week pain free.

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