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I have been wrestling this year and had to sit out all year doing something that I love:/ when my knee is bent and I try to straighten it, there is always popping and crunching noises on the outside if my kneecap. If its bent, sometimes I'll feel a instant lock, where i feel like everything is just stuck together. I have to straighten it and while I try, it is a severe pain and when I get it fully extended it pops or thumps and i can see my leg shift. This is extremely painful. I had an X-ray and it came up negative for everything. An MRI only showed a an lcl strain and that my patella was bruised on the opposite side. There is no pain walking, but when I fully extend my leg and put weight on it, it's a sharp and aching pain under my knee cap and on the outside. It also feels stiff when I bend it, and that hurts also. I'm getting arthroscopic surgery in a month and I just really want to know what's wrong with it ahead of time. Im really
Hoping you Guys help me and comment on this message. PLEASE :/

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