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Hi there -- I've been struggling with hip pain since age 14, and I'm 35 now. I've had 3 hip arthroscopies, which can be a good intermediate measure to preserve the joint. If you have a couple of areas where the cartilage is worn, doctors can create a microfracture to force the body to create replacement cartilage. In addition, if you have a bone spur exacerbating your pain, it can be trimmed away. My third scope showed that half of my acetabular cartilage had pulled away from the bone, but was still in the joint. I am now waiting for the surgery to take effect and the cartilage to reattach. In addition, resurfacings are being recommended for younger folks, as they don't require removal of as much bone, which makes revisions easier. Short of replacement, there are a lot of things that can be done surgically.

In addition, there are some conservative measures that help: The glider described, an exercise bike with the seat up high so that your knees don't come to a 90 degree angle, or an elliptical machine will all provide hip motion to lubricate the joint and may help. Another low cost option is a foot pedaler -- I think they cost $10-15 and allow you to pedal your feet while sitting on the couch. Your insurance might cover some part of the cost if prescribed for a specific condition. You can also just stand on one foot and make small circles with the other leg -- free but not as effective.

Keeping the legs equally stretched may help. My hamstrings are super-tight because of my back issues, so I try to keep them stretched. Physical therapy may be another option to strengthen the muscles that support the joint to take pressure off the interior of the joint.

When getting in your tall vehicle, if you have running boards, you might use those to back your way into your seat, along with the handle on the door, the strap over the door, and the steering wheel. I told my husband that we could not buy an SUV for this very reason, but maybe you can concoct another way to get in that's easier than the traditional approach. (Or tell husband that if he doesn't want to hear about your pain to help you in the car.) Fortunately, my husband is sympathetic even though he doesn't "get" my pain. He is the biggest baby when he gets sick, even a tiny cold.

Fingers crossed that your X-rays show that you still have good joint space. This seems to be the biggest factor in determining which options you have available.

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