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[QUOTE=kenzibenzi;4954294]Can the cartilage thing show up in an xray? The last hip xray I had was about 3 years ago, all they said was "nothing is broken or fractured, everything is in place and you have osteoarthritis." I am, I would guess about 80% worse today. I too am miserable at night. If I lay on my sides, the nerve pain is in my hips/thighs, if I lay on my back it's in my butt and lower back. When I'm on my sides I can not even lift my legs off one another. They hurt so bad so I just roll Just seems like my last dr didn't listen to me. She is in her late 20's and doesn't really understand the pain. I'm hoping my new dr will listen to me.

and... I'm 5'3". Haven't been able to scoot in butt first into the vehicle.[/QUOTE]

Hi kenzi:
Yes, the condition of cartilage definitely does show up on x-rays! They will tell the story. That is the first thing my hip surgeon did - make some x-rays even though my regular doctor had had some made too. The hip surgeon knew instantly that I needed new hips and asked me if I wanted to have them and I sure said yes!! I had already decided that if that was the verdict I wanted the replacements. So I had made up my mind ahead of time.

Wow - you are really much shorter than I am and I can see how you can't back up to the car seat. Too bad.

Can you see a hip surgeon on your own or do you have to have a referral from your regular doctor? Insurance plans often differ on this.

My regular doctor was a man and past middle age and he knew exactly how much pain I was having. Just wait till your woman doctor puts on a few more decades and she will know about arthritic pain. :D

Please keep us posted. We all learn from each other here.

Shirley H.

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