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That's great that you had two good TKR surgery experiences in 2010. I had my right knee TKR last April which went very well and I just had my left TKR 4 weeks ago (3/23/12). Most of the soreness from being worked on in surgery is gone (faster than last year's which took 3 months to disappear.) Given that you had your surgeries in 2010, you SHOULD NOT BE HAVING ANY SWELLING at this point. It takes about 4 to 6 months for your body to adjust to the prosthetics and after that, you are "supposed" to forget that you even have artificial knees. (Particularly if you, like me, have done everything your surgeon asked of you post surgery as far as rehab.) You might want to check with your surgeon as to why your knee still gets swollen two years after replacement. He might need to do an MRI to make sure the prosthetic is intact and that it didn't get knocked out of place for any unknown reason, and to check that no pieces of the prosthetic have broken off that might be causing you the swelling. (I don't know if your surgeon told you after your surgeries, but it is highly recommended by most prosthetic knee manufacturers, that you go for annual x-rays and placement checkups for the rest of your life, just in case something got accidentally knocked out of kilter.) Because I had my TKR's done two weeks apart, one year apart, starting in 2013 (next March), my surgeon said he will split the difference and have me come in for those annual checkups in the "middle" week between when I had each of my surgeries done. (4/5/11 for the right one and 3/23/12 for the left.) That means I will go see him the last week of March every year from now on. Just suggesting you ask your surgeon about this. (And if he used the Stryker Triathlon gender specific brand TKR model, you definitely need to do this, per the Stryker manufacturer's recommendations.)

Let me know what happens and if they can solve your swelling problem permanently!

I have followed up with all my X-rays and the doctor stated that sometimes people will have swelling after being on their feet all day. I teach and some days I do stand up more than others. It is not huge swelling, but swelling none the least. I'm just so happy to be able to do just about anything I want to do now. In the past I suffered with so much pain it had began to limit my activities to the point of not being able to grocery shop or do the simple things in life. So I will take a little swelling above the knee sometimes.

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