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'm 21, 6', 180 lbs, female. First sprained my ankle around March 2011. Iced it, took some pain medication, and was back to being very physically active in about 3 weeks. However, it came back, this time with back of the knee pain. Went to the school clinic, who prescribed a two week round of advil. Didn't work. Was prescribed a two week round of naproxen. Worked, and then went back to being active in about another month total.

However, in the fall, the ankle/knee resurfaced again with pain. This time it was so bad that it felt like the knee couldn't bend at ALL, and I walked around for about two weeks dragging the leg(left) by moving the entire thing from the hip. The pain would make me cry at times. Was frustrated by how the school(my only method of insurance) twice just prescribed pain meds and stopped at that, so decided to try to wait it out.

Eventually, that round did go away when I bought braces for both and started wearing those around the house.

However, fastforward to about early February of this year and the ankle/knee came up AGAIN. I had gone back to a physically active lifestyle, and bought new running shoes to try to get back into my favorite hobby. When it started hurting again first it was the throbbing/aching feeling at the back of the left knee, then it was the ankle, and now newly it also was the right knee, in the back. There was also some pain directly on the front, as well as soreness along the front down to the shins. I attributed it to the running shoes for about a month, and that perhaps I did too much, but it wouldn't go away.

Reluctantly went to the school clinic again, was prescribed more pain meds. When those didn't work long term(again), was sent for an ultrasound to check for blood clots(I'm no doctor but what? ultrasound?). Found nothing on ultrasound, and am currently sent to physical therapy. Physical therapy sucks-the electrical stimulation they used caused more parts of my knee to hurt, and feel tight.

Any clues on things I should be investigating to treat this? Any similar past experiences? It doesn't hurt enough that I'm flattened on the bed and unable to walk around campus, but it hurts enough that I'm not active anymore. I can basically only do pulling in the swimming pull strictly with arms.

edit to add: When the other knee is involved, it will be that both of the knees crack with bending, and then feel like the joint is loose/there is stabbing pain. This happened today after the PT had me do squats against the wall. Then the cracking feeling stays for the rest of the day, and sometimes the next.

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