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[QUOTE=hem2328;4983485]hi there. Thanks for your response. Sorry to hear about your situation. I know from experience how difficult and frustrating it can be. Especially for someone active.

We seem to have a similar diagnosis. I'm curious what injections you had already? Guessing cortizone shots which i have read will make tendonosis worse and heal slower. They do take the pain away i have read, but in the long run will do more damage than good. I am sorry that pushed you back a few pegs.

Why surgery i am wondering? Is the pain that unbearable? I am hoping through pt, rest, eccentric exercise, ice, heat, acupuncture and supplements, that i will heal. I know it takes a good 9 months or so for that to happen if you take all precaution. Can you simply not walk? Curious about the surgery decision. I have bursitis as well and that does go away. The imflammation. I am taking fish oil and tumeric to bring down inflammation. Nsaids like ibprofen are detrimental to the healing process of tendonosis.

Have you ever considered prp? What is the doc appt on may 31 about? What is your pain like?[/QUOTE]

The injection consisted of Marcaine and Kenalog. One of the hip Dr's told me that he would use depomedrol rather than what I had been given. I've heard that sometimes the injections do work....but I've had bad luck for the most part.

I haven't been able to sleep on my side for about 4 years....but the really bad glute pain started after the injection.

Why the surgery?....well I believe...I could be wrong here....the tendinosis won't go away until the peritendinous inflammation is removed...probably the bursa I think. Also remember that tendinosis by definition means permanently damaged a cellular level. There is no inflammatory response in tendinosis. And peritendinous inflammation can cause tendinosis.

I plan on talking to Dr Byrd about this. I can get around okay but lately I have been having a little trouble and pain seems like it is just getting worse...and I am such a wanne be active guy that I am always irritating it somehow. And my job requires me to sit at a computer all day. I have been sitting on a 65 cm ball for the last 3 months and that has really helped. I didn't really put things together about the Greater Trochanteric pain syndrome until a few months ago.....there is not much awareness about this condition.

I have some other problems that irritate this, but don't want to go into that right now.....just say that I also have some problems in the front of my hip near the adductor muscles.

I have heard about the other things you mentioned. Was your pain caused by running?

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