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So much pain!
Apr 23, 2012
Hello... I am 5 weeks post-op TKR & have been very excited to be doing so well in my recovery. My doctor & physical therapist have been impressed at how well I was doing. That is... until I over-exhurted myself in physical therapy a week ago. I bent my leg too far forward while on the stationary bike. While in terrible pain, my therapist continued with the regular workout. She told me that there was no way that I could hurt the new knee. I have also had therapy once more since then, and my pain has gotten extreme! I went from barely having to take pain meds anymore to having to take them every 4 hours again. I now need to use my walker again, since I can barely put weight on my leg.

My knee is extremely swollen (bowling ball size) now & the incision feels hot. There is no redness that I can see on the outside of my knee except at the incision. It is cracked & feels like it is on fire. The pain I feel inside the knee is on the lateral meniscus side, under the kneecap & in the back. It grinds & sends shooting pains up to my hip!

I have made a Dr. appt for tomorrow, but am wondering if anyone has been through anything like this. Is the pain I feel in my incision normal? What about the pain inside the knee... after doing so well, is it possible to pull something loose during therapy?

I will let you know what the Dr. says. I'm hoping this is all normal, but it doesn't feel right.


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