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My surgery went extremely well the Monday before last, then last Friday when I left the Hospital walked out without needing crutches. While in Hospital I was given 2 Endone about every 4 hours and had both a gel pack and ice given to me on a regular basis to keep the joint numb. When I got home I continued with the exercises every 3 hours ( 5 sessions a day). Last Saturday felt well enough to cook my family breakfast: Gone downhill since. My legs bruising has worked its way to the surface with pain asociated with it. I was given only a box of 20 Endone from the Hospital. Most patients have a nurse home visit from the Ward I was in for the first week home, but I live outside of the area they come to visit.
I'm on my own in regards to treatment. Self administering injections of anti-blood clotting medication, and working out schedule for pain management. Trying to make due with 2 Gel Packs and ice, but I'm down to 2 Endone. I called the Surgion's office and he is out of town, another doctor in the office mailed me a script for another box of Endone. How long is reasonable to be on pain medication? and as I am trying to keep to the exercise schedule I assume taking the Edone 1 tablet every 6 hours and Panadol x 2 tablets every 6 hours. I am taking the drugs 1/2 an hour before each session, so alternating between the two.
I need to talk with my local GP and work out what I need from him. The Endone x 4 a day is working for me, but I seem to be on cusp of pain management limbo. Panadol Osteo does very little to kill the Pain for me,
So the sessions after taking it are tough. I made the mistake of not wearing my
Restricting stocking over the knee which I had been wearing in hospital, and the first few days at home. I thought it was restricting my Flexion exercises as I'm trying to get past 110 degrees of movement. My knee swelled up like a ballon
and the joint is now tighter than ever. Gone back to wearing the stocking.
Anyway is anyone else using Endone: Oxycodone Hydrochloride and Panadol:
Paracetamol for pain management. How many do you use and for how long?

I think my progress is going well, just a hurdle. One of many I'm sure. I just want to know if my Pain Management is right for week 2 recovery.

Thank you.
I hope my GP has treated other patients who have had TKR surgery, I will call him in the morning. This is supposed to be a Pain Managed recovery. Taking the meds an hour before exercising. I can't continue with my exercises if the pain can't be pushed through. It is painful with the assistance of the Endone, so I don't think it is time to wean off it. That should not be for another few weeks or so when my knee is more healed. I see the surgeon in another week and he should be able to give me more answers. I had a different release from Hospital than most as the nurses were supposed to visit me at home this week, but I live outside the area they visit. They might liaison with the local GP regarding pain meds normally I don't know. I will ask about the anti-inflammatory drugs. I have been taking anti-blood clotting and blood thinning medication so maybe it interferes with that?
Thank you for your input SweetPeainSF, but really I want to hear from people who have had TKR surgery as it is not really like many others except hip surgery maybe?

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