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How old are you if you don't mind me asking?

I have just been unlucky with both my knees since about the age of 10. Since 19yrs have had regular 'clean-outs' or cartilidge damage. When I first strated having the 'clean-outs' my knees used to swell / be difficult to move properly for quite a while after. Mind you this also depended on how quickly I bothered to go back to the knee guy - having a very high pain threshold I usually leave it very late.

Had my left knee replaced 3yrs ago at the age of 47 - due to age recovery too alot longer but it was the best thing I ever did. The only thing I cant do with it is kneel totally flat back on my legs - I can cope with that - gets bit more every so often even now.

The other thing I have started doing randomly since is riding my bike for 30miles every 4 wks or so - had the latest 'clean-out' in feb and knee was functioning with no swelling or lack of movement from the time I woke up :-) I can only put this down to the exercise the knee gets with the bike.

take care

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