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I am 8 weeks post TKR & so discouraged. The first 4 weeks were painful, but my Dr & physical therapist said that I was right on track. In fact at 4 weeks, I was doing so well, I didn't need a cane or walker, could walk around the block & no longer needed pain meds. I was so encouraged! Then at one therapy apppointment, I over-did & accidently bent my knee too far while I was on a stationary bike. The pain was excruciating! The therapist said that I probably didn't do any damage & continued with therapy. The next week, I was still in so much pain that I went in to see my Dr. He did not see a problem by visually checking the knee, but said that he would take xrays at 10 weeks. He told me to continue with therapy, but not to exert myself too much like before. Each therapy session since has been very painful, but with pressure, I can finally get a 109 ROM, & can straighten my leg completely. Last week, I developed an agonizing "ache" on the top of the same foot that I had the surgery on - along with terrible pain in the knee & down my calf. It is like a nerve pain on the top of my foot & the knee/calf pain feels like a toothache! After calling the Dr AGAIN, he told me to go back to using my cane & put me back on the same dosage of pain meds that I was on when I left the hospital!! I seem to be going backwards! I have been having so much pain with my TKR, that I wish I'd never had it! Has anyone else had pain this bad 8 weeks out and on the top of the foot as well??

Needs encouragement,

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