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Thank you so much :) I know that there is something that the MRI is either missing or that is being misread / not picked up on. my doctor said that there are cases where the MRI's dont' show because of either positioning or what not but they do an arthroscopic surgery to reveal that there is in fact something wrong inside. (Of course, that is the doc that I am questioning in the post so I am so confused as to what to think from what he says. LOL) I am beginning to wonder if a piece of cartliage or fragment of something has come lose and is floating around causing me pain inside? i have my first PT appintment tomorrow morning and am nervous to go for fear that it will do more damage before I get a second opinion but then fearing postponing treatment will make the the doctor refuse to do anything until I have had X-amount of PT visits. Last night I was sleeping and had a muscle spasm in the middle of the night that caused me to kick my leg back and I woke up crying from the pain. It felt as though someone had taken a hammer to my knee (noooot the way I like to get woken up. haha) I also feel 'crackling / creaking' in there and an occasional pop every so often when I walk on it. I am having such a hard time finding another ortho out here that gets good ratings. The one with the best ratings is my one I have already seen! i am going to take advice and call tomorrow to our local University Medical Center and get their recommendation and go with that. I LOVE this UMC out here (just built and by far one of the best hospitals I had ever been to when I went there to have my daughter and again int he ER with her for ashtma) Hopefully they will be able to do something. I love the suggestions and input from everyone, i can't thank you guys enough!

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