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Hi there!

I don't know if mamatofour's surgeon will allow her to take any cartilage supplements until she is fully healed. They could interfere with the healing process. Plus, the two most prescribed liquid cartilage injections, Synvisc1 and Euflexxa, are not usually approved by a lot of commercial insurance companies because these two drugs do NOT have a long term proven track record of successful treatment in comparison to a total knee replacement. Because TKRs have been done for almost 40 years with a 90%+ rate of successful recovery from osteoarthritis, the insurance companies would rather pay for the $50,000 (per knee) TKR surgery with its proven successful track record than for a drug that's only been around for a couple of years and doesn't always last very long! I know that was the case for me. (I couldn't take the Synvisc or Euflexxa anyhow, regardless of the fact that my insurance company rejected my surgeon's claim for it, because I was allergic to the chemical family of drugs they were in. So the point became moot.) Besides which, as previously noted in my many past posts on this board, I had "end-stage' osteoarthritis in both knees and the ONLY cure for it was having both TKRs a year apart. I got excellent results after both surgeries because I DID do everything that was asked of me by my surgeon and physical therapist!

Just thought you guys might be interested in this little tidbit of info.

Carol (CPW2012)

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