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Hi everyone! :) I've been having knee pain & discomfort and would like advice as to what to do. Here are the details:

I am a 23 year old woman, just under 5"3, and 100 pounds with no prior serious health problems or anything. I eat extremely healthy but rarely exercise, which is what I believe got me into this mess. I write novels as a part-time hobby, and on Tuesday/Wednesday May 29 and 30, I wrote nonstop while sitting cross legged. I've always been very flexible and sitting this way has always been the most comfortable for me, but my knees began to ache and feel like they needed to stretch. It was uncomfortable to drive for more than a few minutes, for example, since my knees needed to stretch so bad. I started to rest my knees while they were elevated on a pillow or two, I started putting bags of frozen veggies on them multiple times per day, and I've been taking an off brand version of Advil for its anti-inflammatory benefits.

It has now been just over a week and a half, and although my knees no longer feel like they need to stretch, I still feel shaky while walking and I still have discomfort. I know that I'll need to strengthen both my thigh and calf muscles to avoid knee problems in the future, but I'm scared to exercise my legs now while my knees feel this unstable.

I'm looking for overall advice as to what to do. I have avoided going to the doctor so far because I simply don't have the money for visits and tests, and I have overreacted to small health concerns in the past which has cost me money I just don't have. Any help, advice, or insight would be most appreciated.

Thank you all for reading. :)

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