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[QUOTE=nana b;4992612]just had home health physical therapy. I am in pain from that. Nights are the worse. Just can't seem to sleep longer than 3 hours then I have to move. I am not use to be just doing nothing but laying around, I am an on the go person. I am still in my hose. I hate those tight things. Very very tender down the front of my calf. Do I sound like I am about normal?[/QUOTE]

Hi Nana:
Nights always seem worse. After my hip replacements I had to sleep on my back for 6 weeks each time, and was THAT hard because I prefer to sleep on my side. Be glad you can even sleep 3 hours at a time!
I watched a lot of old movies on TCM during the night. What a life saver. Yes I too would get up and walk around sometimes during the night. That change of position helped a lot.

I was not used to doing nothing either - having been a real doer mowing a large lawn and shoveling snow in the years that we lived in our house. I had my surgeries when living in an apartment. I have always done all my own housework.

Hose is necessary until one is walking around a lot during the day - this helps prevent blood clots. Perhaps you are taking a blood thinner, too?
You sound pefectly normal to me. Brava, girl! :)

Hi nanab: Silver Swan is absolutely right when she told you that what you are experiencing is totally normal for the first weeks post TKR. You DO need to remember that you just underwent MAJOR surgery and your knee has experienced "trauma" from being worked on to fit your prosthetic knee!

I know you might not feel like doing your therapy exercises you were given at home, but it is EXTREMELY CRUCIAL to force yourself to do your exercises at least twice a day in between the times that your physical therapist comes to see you, in order to prevent dangerous blood clots! Are you taking a blood thinner to prevent that from happening? You SHOULD BE ON A BLOOD THINNER AT LEAST UNTIL YOU ARE MORE MOBILE on a daily basis! As tempting as it might be to just lie in bed because you are sore from surgery, DON'T DO IT!! FORCE YOURSELF TO GET UP AND DOING YOUR EXERCISES and then ice the knee for twenty minutes. If the knee is that sore, which is absolutely NORMAL this soon after surgery, you can ice the knee at least four times a day to keep the swelling down. Just stay motivated and I PROMISE things WILL get better in another few weeks. I assume the physical therapist in the hospital got you up and walking on a walker the day after surgery? That's the standard procedure - get the patient up and walking as soon as possible post TKR surgery. The sooner you walk post surgery, even if it's only a few feet the first day, the faster you will be able to heal.

Trust me on this! I had my right TKR last year (4/5/11), along with a left knee arthroscopy during the same surgery. But I got up the next morning raring to go with PT. This year, on March 23rd, I had my left knee TKR, and was SO MOTIVATED that I told my surgeon I planned on walking the SAME DAY OF SURGERY if I got to my hospital room in the Ortho Unit early enough! And I did walk the same day of surgery - 200 FEET up and down the hallway in the Unit!! The nurses told me that was a new record post TKR surgery!

Don't allow yourself a "pity party"! Get up and get moving and you will start to feel the soreness go away the more you work the surrounding muscles. You still "might" feel a bit limited until you get your staples out at the two week post surgery mark. Right now, those staples are allowing your scar to close up and heal and the staples do tend to pinch a bit and limit how many feet you can comfortably walk right now. But tough it out and I PROMISE things will get better! You know what they say, and it is so true, "NO PAIN, NO GAIN."!

Keep your spirits up and keep moving!

Let us know how you are doing by next week, when you get your staples out.

Carol (CPW2012)

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