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I was wondering how many people are having the same problems . I had right hip arthoplasty ( I guess thats how you spell it ) was told not to invasive woke up to a 8 inch scar and out of work 5 months. The hard part is my job is in maintenance and is alot of heavy lifting ,carrying 70 lbs of tools up 108 ft conveyor towers and such like carrying welders and leads up 3 storys by myself. So I had about 6 months of small relief and my hip started popping and locking up ,go get another ortho doc with help from VA cause insurance copays ,we decide to do a total hip in Feb 2010. It a stryker with ceramic ball and metal cup ,it was recalled got a lawyer and supposedly its wasn`t the same lot numbers but exact same thing. Well after being out of work 10 months had to go back or lose job . Worked 6 months and due to the physical part of job like climbing ladders with tools and parts hanging off the side of machinery I decided for my safety and others I was dangerous.I was supposed to be taking 12 tramadol a day to help with pain since it not a narco drug but was actually taking more. Tried to make appointment with ortho doc but he refuse to see me . Well after seeing 2 or 3 ortho docs they said nothing was wrong but a neruosurgueon did a x ray with me standing up and said my implant was over 1/2 inch to high,I cant walk long, cant squat down, cant walk up hills, limp really bad ,other words affects every thing and I mean everything luckly I have the best wife a man can have. Its hard to tell your 12 year old son I cant play ball or take you hunting or fishing,or my daughter sorry I cant make it to school events .Know my back is outta wack my left hips going bad my neck x ray showed the C6 vertabre and disc are screwed up .Know after losing 25 pounds in a year and laying in bed all the time I have come to terms I am depressed and going to have to take meds ,this is hard considering I am a army vet and still have the mentallity to worry about it later and its not that bad . The part that kills me is I am 37 and hear the docs say its not that bad or nothing is wrong, oh yeah I can fell the hip implant through the skin were muscle is supposed to be . They think I am just trying to get pain killers ,although they did give a prescription for hydrocodone 5/500 3 a day which is a joke . Anyways I keep my faith in GOD things will get better just don`t know when.

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