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Swollen knee
Jun 7, 2012
Hi helpful people,

I am a fit person who has never had a knee injury. On Sunday night my cat crept into my bed and I moved my leg so I would not squish her. It was turned out to the right and the cat rested on top of my leg.

When I woke up I had a pain in my knee and over the next two days my knee began to swell on the top, mostly to the outside but inside too. on the third day it got a bit swollen on below my kneecap.

I am using RICE and ibuprofen now and do not have good health insurance so I really do not want to visit a doctor as the entire visit will come out of pocket.

There is not a lot of pain unless I bend it to 90 degrees, then it feels tight, but when I am not trying to bend it it ust feels funny. There is no sharp pain.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to deal with this injury and at what point I need to suck it up and visit a physician?

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