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Hi Shirley,

Glad you are doing well and that you too had a good experience dealing with your surgeon when you needed him to be so compassionate at a time when you were in such pain, like I was and had my wonderful, kindhearted and highly skilled knee surgeon.

And you are, I hope, quite right that others are/will be inspired by my motivation to get through both surgeries as well as I did. I had spoken to one lady at my last job who had had both her knees done a year apart, and she told just to make sure that I DO EVERYTHING THAT'S ASKED OF ME pre and post surgery if I wanted the great outcomes that I've gotten. So I made sure that I followed my surgeon's and his physician assistant's instructions to a T! One of my aunts (who's in her late 70s) and thought she knew better than her surgeon, had both knees done last May (2011) during the same hospital admission. She did NOT ONE THING AS TO PHYSICAL THERAPY THEY TOLD HER TO, AND NOW, JUST OVER A YEAR LATER, SHE'S STILL HAVING PROBLEMS WITH POST SURGERY INFLAMMATION AND OTHER ISSUES!!! She also tells me that she is STILL AWARE A YEAR LATER, that she even HAS prosthetic knees!!! I, on the other hand, like you, am at a point where, most of the time, I FORGET that I have artificial knees. Like you with your hip replacements, my knee replacements have become a part of me. So it's my aunt's OWN DARN FAULT for thinking she knew better than her surgeon and that's why she's having all these problems. (And probably always will for the rest of her life!) Now, when she calls me to find out how I'm doing, and I tell her I'm doing great, she'll quickly launch into all her knee problems. I usually just listen for about five minutes and then make an excuse that I have to cut the call short! I have NO SYMPATHY FOR SOMEONE LIKE HER who did this to themselves!!!

By the way, thanks for the compliment for calling me a brave girl!!! I'm actually older than you apparently thought I was. (I'm 56, so I'm probably not much younger than you or maybe we're about the same age!!!) I was blessed with good genes from BOTH my parents so I look WAY younger than my true age. Most new people I meet, when the subject of age comes up, and they ask how old I am, I dare them to guess. Most usually guess that I'm no more than in my early 40's, at which point, I tell them that they're my friend for life! (I usually have to show them my driver's license to prove that I really AM in my late 50s!!! They never believe me otherwise!)

And as for my relationship with my surgeon, he not only has the wonderful bedside manner I described in my last post, but a great sense of humor too. He and I are always exchanging these great and fun wisecracks at each visit! That also helped me with my recovery from both TKR surgeries - having him tease me in a fun way to make me laugh, helped take my mind off my post-op pain!!

Example from last year's right TKR/left knee arthroscope surgery:

My surgeon knew that I used to go to karaoke for a number of years. (I quit just around the time I switched back to him in October of 2010 because people there made it "unfun" for me because they took it way too seriously and I knew they were making fun of my singing behind my back.) Anyhow, the evening after last year's surgery, he came to my room on evening rounds with the nursing care manager for the Ortho Unit. (I had a spinal with sedation for anesthesia so I kept going in and out of consciousness during the surgery and I DO remember asking one of the assistant doctors to please scratch my nose because it itched and since my arms were strapped to the O.R. table with IVs, I couldn't do so myself.) My surgeon said to me that evening, "Carol, you were really rockin' in the O.R." I said, "My God, what did I say under sedation?" His response? "Well, when you asked for some music, you said just make sure it wasn't karaoke!" I said, "I didn't say that, did I?" He said he was just teasing, but it got everyone who was in my room at the time, including me, to really crack up laughing!!!

And for this year's TKR, both in Pre-op and the recovery room, he had a few more of these gems up his sleeves!!

Shirley, normally, morally, I would be against human cloning, but in my surgeon's case, they could make an exception!! The world could use a few more surgeons like mine!!!! LOL!


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