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I am currently 16 year old male (6ft 1, 140 lbs.) and ill try to keep this short. Im going to the doctor but I just want some insight before hand. Both of my knees are perfectly fine when I run, jump, walk, climb stairs, and what not. I get zero pain from those activities.

But for some reason when I try to squat fully, I get some pain and it feels like immense pressure almost at about 20-30 degrees from full squat. Same with bending the knee. I can almost fully bend it but it feels like a lot of pressure is preventing me.

The knees also make a click noise when bending. The clicking started two years ago. I went to a doc at that time, he checked it out, and just told me to stretch my hamstrings.

To me, I feel like my knee cap is going towards the outside of my knee and I am thinking its some muscle imbalance with hips, quads, or hamstrings. Its bizarre because I can run perfectly fine and everything but I can squat or bend the knee fully.

The clicking noise and not being able to squat fully is worrying me. Is it a meniscus tear?? But how could I run fine? Is it a torn ligament or knee cap?? and what the hell is the clicking noise. my mom's knee clicks but her knees are fine???

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