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Hey guys :)

About two years ago I was walking my dog and slipped on some loose gravel outside of the local park. I did some pretty impressive splits (and managed to keep hold of the dog :D ) but when I got home and took off my shoes I noticed that my knee hurt whenever I bent it. It was like a sharp shooting pain, as if I was trapping a nerve.

It went off after a few hours, but ever since then I've always had problems with that knee. It feels weak at times and almost collapsed underneath me when I lifted my suitcase onto a train. Also, whenever I have a driving lesson (I have to use that knee to operate the accelerator and brake) it hurts the exact same way it did when I first injured it - sharp shooting pain when I bend it. So for about an hour after lessons its painful to walk upstairs.

Any ideas what could be going on? It isn't swollen and doesn't cause me that much problem, I'm more curious than anything.

Thanks for any help guys.

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