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Hi mom477!

Sorry you're having so much pain in the knee and that the cortisone injection didn't help. (They "normally" are supposed to last about six MONTHS giving relief, but, if you have the fluid buildup and other possible issues going on with the knee, the injections will either last maybe six WEEKS or not help at all.) Last December, when my left knee started going bad again 8 months after my surgeon scoped it and repaired the meniscus and ACL, I got a cortisone shot at that visit that only lasted SIX WEEKS! Then, when he had to have his physician assistant give me another shot mid-January, that was when my surgeon and I KNEW it was time for him to do my left TKR ASAP! Had that March 23rd, and not a moment too soon! My surgeon stopped in to see me in Recovery that morning and told me that what he found was a LOT worse than he'd expected, and that he had to clean the knee out first completely and do a lot more cutting of the bones to fit the prosthetic knee than he originally anticipated. It all worked out in the end though because my left TKR healed very quickly and I'm finally walking NORMALLY on two prosthetic knees WITHOUT PAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SEVEN YEARS!!!! So glad I had both done!!!

To answer your question about why your knee would stay swollen even though you're icing it and elevating it as much as possible, every time you start walking on it again, you're putting pressure on the knee and that's why it keeps getting swollen. Until you see the Orthopedic Surgeon and get that MRI, you won't know WHAT exactly is wrong with the knee and whether you'll need a TKR or an arthroscopic repair to relieve your pain for good.

In the meantime, the only other remedy I can suggest is to go to your primary doctor and have HIM fit you with a heavy duty adjustable knee brace to help take some pressure off the knee when you walk. It might cut down on the swelling too. Let me know if you do this and if it works for you.

Carol (2012 carol)

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