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This is a minor questions compared to others but here goes.

I took a nasty fall on Saturday, tripped going into the house and went down hard. I smashed my face on the door, twisted my right ankle and hit my left wrist hard, we were all more concerned with those injuries and not paying attention to much else. So no bruising on my face, just a little sore, wrist is bruised but doesn't hurt at all and the right ankle is just fine.

Now for the problem. I have got a bruise just above the inside of my left knee (approximately 4-5 inches high, 2-3 inches wide) and it has now spread into the crease of my knee. Honestly at the time I went down I didn't have any knee pain but now it is sore, stiff and like I said I have an absolute whopper of a bruise (think pitch black). It is also swollen in the back, can't really see any swelling on the front of the knee.

Does this sound like a trip to the dr is warranted or is it just wait it out and it will get better.

Thanks for any input.

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