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Join the crowd my friend,I've walked on rocks,climbed up & down off of RAILROAD BOX CARS for 30 years and my knee's kill me everyday. I sometime real bad burning in my right knee like a hot iron being put on it, so I went and had it injected back in april of this year, well it's wearing off, then my left starting having this sever pain one day, and it was so bad I could hardly walk,even using a walking cane. I went and had it injected,they did 3 xrays and he say's I have bone spurs under and all around my knee cap. I thought I had gout in my knee's,which I probely did at some point, and then he said one other option was to get these special injections in a set of three and it's suppose to be some protein shot. After talking to another railroad friend he said they didn't work for him, but others say they do work. You won't beleve this but they call them The Chicken Shot, it's proten from a chicken out of their skin under the neck. Some say it worked for them, some say it didn't. I'm going to try it because I do not want any knee replacement sugery. Good luck I know how you feel climbing stairs, they just kill my knees.

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