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If your kneecap pops out of place, there are several things that can be done. You can try physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around the knee. You can wear a specific type of knee brace (called a J brace) that will hold the kneecap in place while you wear it. There are also several surgical options. The first is a lateral release (I have had two of these (one on each knee)). A band of tissue along the outside of your kneecap is cut. That allows your kneecap to sit in the groove. This surgery worked for my knee issues. There is a surgery where the dr cuts a muscle on the inner part of your thigh to try to get the kneecap to stay in the groove. The most invasive surgery for this kneecap issue is the tibial osteotomy where your lower leg bone is actually shifted to try to get the kneecap to stay in place. This would be the last resort.
i don't know what the success rate is for sure, but for me the lateral release surgery (the least invasive one) worked. The fact that the lateral releases solved my knee issues actually surprised my physical therapist because she didn't figure they would work for me. I have cerebral palsy as well so my leg muscles spasm constantly. My therapist thought that even after the surgery, my thigh muscles would spasm so much that my kneecaps would still pop out. As I said before, my kneecaps have been fine since the surgeries. In fact, I just rode in a 7 mile bikeathon this morning with no problems.

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