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Hi there and welcome to the Board!

You can try having the knee fluid drained, but with all that swelling, you're better off going to the Orthopedic surgeon and have HIM treat you. If it's that painful and your appt. is not until July 31st, CALL HIS OFFICE IN THE MORNING AND TELL THE SEC'Y YOU NEED TO SEE HIM WAY BEFORE THE 31ST!!! If they can't squeeze you in earlier, go to the E.R. of the hospital where he has O.R. privileges, and they might be able to get him to see you much sooner after evaluating you there. I'm sure the E.R. doctor would probably take one look at your swollen knee and call your Orthopedic surgeon right away! MATTER OF FACT, I WOULD INSIST ON THEM CALLING HIM RIGHT AWAY IF I WERE YOU!!! In the meantime, to reduce the pain, try some arthritis painkiller like Aleve and ICE THE KNEE for 20 minutes at a time to bring the swelling down. Also, elevate the knee as MUCH as possible until your surgeon can see you, HOPEFULLY in the E.R. earlier than the 31st! You can also try wearing a heavy duty adjustable brace for when you have to walk a lot. It will give you a bit more support than you have now. Ask your local pharmacist for the best one.

As for the osteocondroma tumor being cancerous, only your surgeon can answer that question by taking a sample of the fluid that he drains and running certain tests. I'm not familiar with this diagnosis.

And by the way, I would try and bypass your regular doctor if his staff is telling you that you can go in and "talk" to him about this condition! Sounds like he wants NOTHING to do with this and you really DO need to be under the care of the Orthopedic surgeon at this point! That's why I'm suggesting you go to the E.R. ASAP!!!

Good luck and keep me posted on what you decide to do and if you can see the Ortho surgeon sooner by going to the E.R.!

Carol (2012 carol)

P.S. I'm in my late 50s and have had both knees replaced in the past year due to severe "end-stage" osteoarthritis. (Right knee - 4/5/11 and left knee 3/23/12). All healed up on both and am walking on two stable prosthetic knees WITHOUT PAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SEVEN YEARS THANKS TO MY WONDERFUL ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON!!! (Replacement was really the only option for me because of the osteoarthritis issue!) So glad I did both and can get on with my life. (That is, AFTER he sends me for pain management for my lumbar spinal issues which were a separate issue from the knees. I've had the spinal problems on and off for years, but they didn't get really painful until after I had the knees done. Granted there IS some connection, but my surgeon feels this lumbar issue has been brewing for a while. He's having his spinal specialist partner in his practice follow me for this. He also has sent me for chiropractic treatment to someone he trusts, and I had the first round of lumbar spinal nerve block injections of cortisone last Friday. Within SIX HOURS, the right side which the pain management doctor did first, felt 100% BETTER! I'm going for the left side nerve block injections next Monday (7/23). Can't wait since I know I'll have a good result with that too! After a ten day wait when the left side is done, I go back to the chiropractor for more treatment. I also go for regular physical therapy on the back because there is a MUSCLE pain component that has to be treated. The other issue connected to all this is that my right sacroiliac nerve keeps "popping" on me and giving me pain. I have to see the spinal surgeon next Thursday (7/26) for him to figure out if I need the nerve block injections in there too. I react very quickly and heal very fast after treatment from all these surgeries and procedures, so I'm not worried. I know that very soon, I'll be relatively pain free in my back. My regular Orthopedic surgeon who did my TKRs says I'm NOT a candidate for spinal fusion surgery though, which is actually a relief! I have the lumbar spinal arthritis, scoliosis, and significant spinal stenosis (compression of the spine), so he said that spinal fusion surgery could actually make my problems WORSE!! (My oldest cousin had 2 or 3 spinal fusion surgeries and two neck fusion surgeries in the past 20 years and they did SQUAT to make her better! Which is why my surgeon thinks this type of surgery would make my spinal problems worse too!! I told him about my cousin, and he picked up on that and I think that's why he feels it's not a smart option for me.) Thus, he's taken that idea off the table completely. I'm glad because, after the TKR surgeries this past year (and endoscopic carpal tunnel release surgery in both hands last October by his hand specialist partner), I think I've had enough surgery for a while!! The TKR surgeries, as you might figure, are MAJOR SURGERIES and take about 3 months to rehab from! (Though I actually rehabbed faster with the left TKR surgery this year.)

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