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I had my third Synvisc injection 2 weeks ago. So far I am still having alot of pain and swelling of the knee and around the knee. I am placing ice on my knee 2 to 3 times a day and taking pain meds. They said it could be 3 weeks
after my third injection before it kicks in. I am worried that the injections may not help. The following is my MRI report that I am still trying to wrap my head around of what all it means.
There is some mucoid degenerative signal in the anterior horn of the medial meniscus with mild meniscal extrusion without a tear. The body of the medial meniscus has some mild truncation and extrusion without a tear. The posterior horn of the medial mniscus is unremarkable.

The latral meniscus shows no abnormal signal to suggest a tear. Th lateral meniscus shows no extrusion. No parameniscal cysts are around the lateral mniscus. The posterior root of the lateral meniscus is intact.

The anterior cruciate ligament shows no abnormal signal to suggest a tear. The posterior cruciate ligament is unremarkable. The extensor mechanism shows no edema to suggest a tear. The mdial collateral ligament is intact without a tear. The fibular collateral ligament is unremarkable. The biceps femoris tendon shows no tear. The iliotibial band reveals no inflammation.

There is no significant joint effusion. There is a small Bakers cyst. There may be some mild synovial thickening within the knee joint. There is grade IV chondromalacia of the medial patellar facet with mild subchondral bone marrow edema and cystic change. The medial trochlea also has a small area of grade IV chondromalacia with small osteophytes. The weight bearong medial compartment has grade IV chrondromalacia with small osteophytes. The lateral compartment has some mild diffuse articular cartilage thinning. No definite intra-articular bodies are identified.

The bone marrow shows no contusions or fractures.

The muscles have some mild chronic fatty atrophy. The fat around the knee has mild edema. No soft tissue masses or hematomas are present.

Impression: There is articular cartilage loss in the medial compartment greater than the patellofemoral compartment.

There is some mild medial meniscal degenration without a meniscal tear.

Ok, thats my MRI report the part that worries me the most is the grade IV.
So I am concern that the injections may not help. If you have gone thru some knee problems also please share.

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