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Hi there lads & gents! Brand new member here to this boards. Im 24 years old, 6'2 & 225 pounds. And I have been suffering from mild to agonishing knee pain that has had me an "ahh" away from literally shedding tears. So im make a clean slate of whats going on with my legs. But first I would like to shed some insight info that might assist you guys in giving me a better rounded opinion.

[U]Family background[/U](All people list here are from mothers circle, dads circle everybody is as healthy as can be.)
Mother- Suffers from lupus,arthritis,water in the knees. She also suffers from some kind of illness that is usually more common in italians that attacks vision & kidneys. Her grandfather was a red haired italian. So apparently she carried some of the genes. She was given 10 years to live, and to take cortisone for the rest of her life. Well its been 17 years since and had to cut out the cortisone,that thing just applies an incredible amount of weight on you!

Aunt- She suffers from hypo-thyroid. Her son also has muscular distrophy, it was diagnosed at around 7 years old, he is now 20.

Uncle- He is 48, but has shredded knees, he walks like an old man, his legs are really shot. I've never asked him if its age catching up, his lifestyle or something hes always had. But coincidentally enough his son is 22 and has really messed up knees.

Myself- I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age 14. I used to suffer from asthma when I was younger. I got jumpers knee as does my brother. Annoying pain in tailbone when im sitting in a specific position,tho this has been going on for years. Sometimes my fingers on left hand from the "Hi there" finger to the thumb will burn and get stiffy with pain on a common basis. Aside from those I have no known illness. I would like to mention however that my C7-T1 connection is a little bit bigger than most people, it like sticks out a little bit..

[U]My knee issues[/U]
Lets start with my left knee first. It all started exactly about this time 2 years ago. Exactly when I started driving a manual car.. and if anyone cares to know it was slow all muffler coupe with a stage 2 clutch. All I gotta say got that was a sob to drive on traffic jams!
Well I started developing some knee pain soon after. Right on the inside of my knee. Until well it started getting difficult for me to get off the car. Like you know how some people climb out the car by grabbing onto the car door and pushing off the rocker panel, yea like that. One day I knew stuff got serious where I was limping after a 30 minute drive, my knee felt so stiff and fatigued. Well since that day I've been suffering from all kind of pains.

I get sharp painful pains, usually on the inside of the knee,outside of it and right under the knee cap. All these pains feel deep inside, not superficial at all. Ima say from the last year my knee started giving me all these kind of issues. For example stairs kill me and I had to move to a townhouse 2 months ago :/. So solution is I just jog up and down tippy toes, absolutely no contact with the heels so I can avoid more pain than what I have.

When I walk, I will sometime drag my foot. Like not to the side completely, but sometimes I will the ground when my foot is coming from the outside in or sometimes in the same instance instead I won't complete the step completely forward and will stumble it. I hate it because I know I've lost a feel on the leg. The knee also likes to give out, I can be standing chatting with someone and bam my knee will bobble and I will lose balance just like that, I've never fallen yet but I've been so close. I get no warning of it, it just happens and when it does I get a pinching pain from the outside of the knee. I use a fabric brace sometime only when I go for a walk or decide to go shoot some ball, because it gives me little boost of balance on it but leg still feels like crap. I cant crossover to my left, or do certain kind of cuts, I have no power in the back of the leg, I can't push off, its unstable. I've laso experienced my knee locking up, like you don't feel that click, it just feels stiff as hell and its hella annoying. Lastly on this leg, I do have a bothersome ankle pain once in a while. My big toe and index toe(its that what its called?) start hurting randomly and they also are the first to start getting numb if my leg has no movement within a 5 minute time period, yea really fast.

Now on to my right leg, I've never had issues on it till I severely rolled my ankle. It got super swollen, I didn't rest it, I still drove everyday, walked the malls and didn't really give much damn to it, I put it thru alot of stress. Well I do still have pain in it and to 3 inches above the ankle. It feels strong tho, however it is still swollen compared to the left one. This was in june 2011. I've always rolled that ankle playing ball so im used to it. So well I started to develop some issues on the knee now in october, I started feeling a pain on the inside of it until the pain also went to the outside of it. I also got pain under the kneecap, but the pain on this knee guys is worlds away compared to the LK. Im just worried its following its footsteps.

Fellas I did sell that freaking car, and man im having a pulsing pain on my left kneecap as im typing this. Well now to some MRI results that I had taken guys, I really lucked out with this test because I haven't had medical insurance since 18. Just involved in a minor accident and I took the opportunity to scan the left knee so I can finally know what in the world was wrong with it. And well here are the results..

Ima' paraphrase abit- It states there is tearing of the free edge of the anterior horn and body of the lateral meniscus with full thickness extension through the anterior attachment. There is peripheral displacement or uncovering of the meniscal tissue demonstrated on the coronal views. There is mild thickening and intrasubstance signal within the patellar tendon at the tibial intact.
Evaluation of the marrow signal demonstrates mild subarticular bone edema within the lateral tibial plateau. Evaluation of the articular cartilage demonstrates mild chondral thinning within the lateral compartment. There is no focal high-grade chondral defect present.
There is mild partial thickness chondral loss within the patella and femoral trochlea. A small joint effusion is present and lastly it also states distal patellar tendonitis. Pretty much everything else came out clear I guess.

[B]Soo [/B]those are the results guys. I really want to know what all that stuff means and what is the seriousness of all this? Im sorry if wrote to much but I just wanted to throw all that out there as my issues might be more related with my family's genepool rather than anything else. Ironically I've always been an active person psysically, running, jumping, climbing stuff without difficulties.
I knew I wasn't the same when I couldn't leap into a 5 foot stool last year while all my buddies did, a little of me died inside. Now to get up on the most basic stuff, I do it like an old man, I feel i've lost that snap on both legs and without doubt my left one. And I've always thrived on those kind of nuances.
So guys I don't wanna walk with a cane at least for now, if I only had a pimp hand than maybe haha just kidding fellas but yes I hope yall feel my drift, Im not at the stage in my life to be going thru all this. So guys I am really looking forward to your suggestions & opinions plus im also open to any questions, this last year and some has been really stressfull on me because I don't know the seriousness of this and how worse it can get without proper treatment. So yea guess im done typing fellas...Im Chris btw! :)

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