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Hi I'm 26 years old and pretty active. I do weights frequently but mostly upper body. During the warmer months I'll cycle and run 3-4 times a week. Running anywhere from 1-5 miles. Cycling anything from 10-35 miles. I can both run and cycle with minimal to no pain during activity. It's more so during regular daily walking or standing. Both of my knees seem to crack very easily. My right knee is the issue. Sometimes after a longer run/ride it's a bit achy and has slight pain. It also almost seems as if it's unstable and if I twist it inward while standing it always pops/clicks/cracks but no real pain occurs. Sometimes when I bend down and squat on my knees there's a bit of pain. For most part it feels almost unstable and seems to click/pop/crack like crazy and maybe almost grind sometimes. Sometimes I can almost feel a tendon or something sliding along my knee. Like I said during these activities it rarely bothers me....It's more so after or even during daily walking/standing. I did have a hamstring strain of some sort a year or so ago which I never saw a doctor for. Is this part of my problem?? I've mostly tried to shake it off and keep doing my activities since it's never gotten very painful. Is this a major concern or am I probably dealing with something minor??? I've tried stretching more lately and plan to start strengthening my hams/quads with some weights. It's just frustrating more than anything and I'd like to get to the point where it doesn't pop/crack or anything if I twist it, along with no pain. It's been going on for quite some time now and maybe slightly worse now.

Any info/opinions would be a huge help!!

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