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I had a large amount of scar tissue removed from my hip arthroscopically. I had right hip arthroscopy in October 2006 and February 2009. In June 2011, the surgeon went back to readhere my acetabulum to the bone. He found a lot of scar tissue, and I had immediate improvement here, much like you did.

I tend to get keloid scars on the surface of my skin, which might account for my large amount of scar tissue. On a trip to the dermatologist, I mentioned that I was concerned about keloids from the third surgery. The doctor indicated that cortisone can be injected into the scar tissue to help it to break up. I wonder if such an option might be available for internal scar tissue? This might a better option than another open hip surgery. (I read that you had cortisone injections before, but I am guessing that these injection were into the joint itself, rather than into the scar tissue.) I also wonder whether your scar tissue can be removed arthroscopically?

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