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Oh wow! I am so glad you are pain free now....and glad you found a surgeon who helped you otu enough to find out the problems and fix them rather than make you wait in pain!

I did a microfracture which was where they take cartilage and trim it up and take the torn pieces off and then drill into your bones so that it can cause yoru blood to clot and new cartilage to regrow. What sucks is that it isn't as good as the normal cartilage and will break down quickly and very easily tear if injured again. I am going to PT for that, can straighten my knee *almost* flat but bending it causes a painful pop / snap deep inside to the point I feel a deep bone pain. It is still so swollen and I can bend it a little more (very little more) than 90*. When I lay back and bend my knee, it is extremely painful and tight and feels almost like it did before I had surgery (best I can describe it is that it feels as though it will explode deep inside and there is a sharp pain)

now on my 'good knee' I feel it pop if I turn a certain way, it is swollen, and feels almost as though behind the knee cap is causing pain...and the medial joint line is hurting both to the touch and when walking. I am 25 and feel like I'm 90 when I walk .LOL. I ache with every step and can't get off the floor without being in pain. Now I can bend it and straighten it which makes me wonder if I tore my meniscus or not? When i get up from the chairs, I HURT from both knees. :(

As for the bounce test, he picked my leg up, held my ankle and bent it a little and let it drop and I felt this pain in my knee deep insdie that felt as though it was going to pop out of place and hurt inside as well. With the pain and the way it dropped (i guess the way it presented when it dropped he said) he said I tested positive and that was 'meniscus tear until proven otherwise'. same he said before with my cartilage tear in my bad knee. I want to just get surgery done, I want to skip the MRI since the MRI showed nothing in my knee the first time around. I know he probably needs it if he goes in for surgery but I just hate to play the waiting game and doing it over again,...last time it took over 2 months of waiting, PT, shots, etc before doing anything. ::sigh:: LOL

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