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Hello. I hope that someone out there has some thoughts on this.
I had a TKR back in October 2009.
I am very short and the surgeon had to make a long cut, eleven inches long.
My leg still feels "pins and needlie".
Is that normal?
My left knee is now totally shot and I have to get it replaced, but I am wondering if I should check out another surgeon.
I thought my surgeon was good. I didn't die, no blood clots and I can walk and he was active in my rehab.
But, the recovery from the surgery was brutal, I was quite sick, I had to have two blood transfusions, I stayed a few extra days in the hospital, I developed cellulitis under the wound, it was rough.
I did do very well in rehab, I went from walker to cane to nothing in a few months.
The only major complaints I had was the lack of sleep (because the pain was more intense at night and I just could NOT get comfortable) and my new knee had a "clicking" feel to it.
But, now the knee is good.
I just wonder if my surgeon made a mistake and that is why my leg (the scar area) still feels numbish.
Should I stay with the surgeon who did one knee or try another?
Thank you for any thoughts and suggestions! :)

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