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i would really like to hear from anyone who has experienced this or has knowledge. Back in February this year, i was doing my usal very very light (5kilos) weights when doing half squats. got twinges on outside of my right knee (never had before), so stopped and didnt do that activity again but found this outer knee pain just got worse and worse. Had to stop running 9it wasn't very painful but i didnt want to aggravate it), but after 4 weeks no improvements. Eventually, at 6 weeks examined by consultant orthopaedic, by this time I started to suspect I might have lateral knee meniscus problem, Ortho guy dismissed this, even his McMurray testing etc did not reproduce the pain (in his office BUT I WAS in pain for the follwoing 5 days). Severely limiting my actvities since then, (prior to this a recent fitness testing showed I had excellent lung voxmasx health, 30% better than predicted for my age). he said it was likely patellar trcking and to re-introduce activities gradually. 8 weeks later I apid to see another Consultant ortho, same thing, he couldn't reproduce the pain in his office, said I should get an MRI. MRI done in August, told by a Phsyio who rang me up with the results that the report said there was nothing abnormal and no sign of meniscal tear. I was doing better with it by the time I got round to the MRI, I was able to speedwalk very very fast for 30 minutes at a time and no pain. Was hopeful everything was okay, BUT 6 days ago, doing very lightleg presses in gym (for quads), only 5k, no pain at time, but everysingle day for all the time I have had continusous outer knee pain in that same spot. I am begining to think i am one of those people where an MRI hasn't captured the tears. i am dreading going back to doctors as know it will be an arthroscpy next, I totally dread thought of a tear and meniscal trim, I KNOE this would mess up my knee for yeards to come as far as being able to do things like running and what for me is normal sports, any ideas anbody please???

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