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Hip and groin pain
Sep 23, 2012
Hey...35 year old male here..I'm pretty frustrated with my situation. I've had back pain for years. After a stint on a bad bed, the pain got really bad and an MRI showed a herniated disc at L5/S1. I had 3 doctors look at the MRI and none of them said it was bad at all. I used a combination of physical therapy, ice, spinal decompression and 1600 mg of ibuprofen and my back is doing alot better.......
But as I started treating my herniated disc, my hips and my hip flexors started hurting pretty bad. They feel tight and inflammed but stretching, ice and ibuprofen arent doing a thing...Then my groin joined in and started hurting... Also, the muscles that from my groin to my knee in my inner thigh are really tender to the touch...the confusing part for me is that my back feels pretty good so I am not sure if this hip/groin pain is related to the herniated disc at L5/S1 or it's a whole new problem... After speaking to a doctor, I decided to go for a hip MRI.. My left hip shows a little bit of synovitis which is inflammation in that joint but the doctors say its not a big deal... I also went for vein tests in my inner thigh, a bone scan and blood tests but everything is negative..
I wake up really stiff in my hips every morning.. My doctor told me to do 6 weeks of intense physical therapy for this area... He said its all muscular and the muscles are just tight and deconditioned...i don't think this will work
But of course I'll do it... But if this doesn't work, jeez, what is my next step... I am not a candidate for a microdiscetomy to fix the herniated disc... Should I ask for cortisone or a shot of some sort? Kinda frustrating!! Thanks alot everyone

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