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I will be having knee replacement in a month or two, but want some info from those who have had it done. I will only be 35 when I have it done. Within the last year we have tried clean up surgery, meds, cortisone shot, therapy and everything else in between, but nothing is helping so the doc told me when I go back for my follow up visit let him know what i have decided which is I have decided to do the replacement. I just want some info on questions to ask him and some thing you all can tell me what to expect after surgery like how long the hospital stay is, crutches or a walker and how long on them each, how is therapy and whatever else you can think of that may be helpful that I may not even think of in the recovery phase and questions for the doc.
I am 9 weeks post TKR that stems from a sports injury in my 20s, and went into the TKR very fit from my 5x week gym workouts. I started on a walker and in 3 weeks graduated to a cane, two weeks later no cane. I have been in outpatient therapy 3x week since late October. I am still on pain meds. My knee can be forced to 103 degrees from my therapist (painful!) but I am shooting for at least 115 degrees to return to bike riding. I am a pretty stoic person but have to say, this rehab is very painful. If I had to go back to work now I would get up every half hour to stretch and walk around; I am self employed and plan to work again beginning in January.

My advice is, 1) Get a Don Joy ice machine, you have to ice often and this makes it very easy to do. 2) Take the pain pills as long as you need to, get your surgeon to change scripts until you find one that works. 3) Do everything your PT tells you to do if you want to maximize your recovery. 4) As long as you are taking pain pills be sure you also are taking OTC pills to avoid serious constipation. 5) Stay positive. I had started feeling I would never walk without pain or have fun again, but I am getting better and you will to. ;)
You can't drive until you are off pain meds. I have hip pain after I walk 30 minutes, possibly because the surgeon straightened my leg (the osteotomy cocked it a bit), and the need to getu used to that, or be occurring because one leg is stronger than the other,. I went to the y yesterday for 3 hours (had to wait for my ride), felt fine there, but woke in serious pain.

I had a lot of scar tissue from previous surgeries removed when they did my TKR, so I probably am not going to have a typical recovery. Pain pills don't make recovery pain free, more like tolerable. I am not ready to give them up, but not driving is awfully inconvenient.

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