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I've had problems all my life with my right hip since I had a motorcycle accident. I am 45 years old, and am writing this for I have no more options. I am an honest good person that needs help, so please listen to my story as I do not want sympathy, just solutions.
It stemmed from a motorcycle accident. I hit the bumper of the car in front of me with my right hip, when I was 16. That's what the doctors thought contributed to the decline of my hip. I was fine and could do anything I wanted, I wrestled, played football etc, in college. I started having hip problems. Since then I've had several procedures, (hip arthroscopies, injections), on my hip which none worked for the pain. I limped badly. I finally decided to get a hip resurfacement, which hopefully would end my pain and suffering, and as a result my limping. I had my hip resurfaced. Success! it worked, I was able to do anything, after the surgical pain was healed. I was happy. I could do bicycle riding again which is my passion. It continued to be perfect up until about a year and a half. That's when the problems started.
I started having major pain in my right hip, deep inside. Several tests later, they deemed that the plate on top of my femur came loose. At this time I had been seeing another doctor. It was at this time that he advised to get a total hip replacement to fix the problem. I understood and continued with the process. My surgery had been scheduled. But they had called and expressed that they had a cancellation . I jumped at the opportunity and scheduled the surgery. It was completed and I woke up in the hospital. They had me walking the day after the surgery. The moment I stood up it didn't feel right. I felt a "popping" sensation. The physical therapist said she thinks its because my muscles haven't healed yet. While in the hospital I also got a heal ulcer from bed rest, which took a month or two to heal.
Well after I got out of the hospital I started physical therapy, it went well, but I still had major pain. I finished the physical therapy and it felt OK. I didn't realize I felt OK because I was doing nothing. I started back to work as a casino dealer. Something was not right, so I expressed my feelings. He acknowledged something was wrong. For I still had pain and swelling in my right buttocks. He said that he may have a feeling the pain is being caused by my back so he scheduled an MRI of my back, and CAT scan of my hip. I patiently waited for him to call me back to schedule an appointment to talk about the tests. But no call came, so I went to get the results. That's when I saw that there were several heterotopic bones, and then they mentioned a screw that was extending out of my acetabular bone and seated in my minumus gluteus muscle. I called Dr. Nevins nurse and expressed I wanted an appointment to talk about my scans. She said if the doctor thought there was a problem he would call you back, I guess he thought pain and swelling would subside on its own in a few weeks. It didn't and I never heard another word from him. I started searching other doctors to help me with my problems.

A new doctor thought the inflammation was giving me pain, so she gave me steroids. No help at all a dead end. Next a doctor advised me they did no tests until 1 year after the surgery, I visited him at 7 months post op. The doctors office then made an appointment for a year. I will never forget the call they made. I was sitting with my wife in a car dealership one day before the appointment when the nurse called me, and advised me the doctor cannot do anything for me, go back to the doctor that did the surgery. That's when depression set in. Why won't they help me? I was desperate for help and got a tip from a co worker that a doctor out of California may be able to help me. So I gave a call, and made an appointment.

He examined me and questioned my why the doctor put a "high offset" femoral component, I questioned why and that's when he expressed to me the x-ray showed that my right leg is out further from my core than my left. He said that it puts your leg further out from your core. They measured the distance and it was about 2.5 inches further out from my core then my left, Dr Nevins made me crooked!
They also tested my blood for metal ions in my blood, it came up negative. They did a bone scan, which he felt showed loosening. He then talked about scoping my hip, and that's when the trail went dead, more wasted time no results. Why won't these doctors help me, am I a pariah? So finally I went back to the Dr. who did my first surgery. He didn't even examine me. I sat in the office and he asked me why I am there. I advised of pain and swelling. That's when he said I cant open you up, I don't know what that doctor did during surgery. Why won't he help me?

He said he would do my a favor and order a pain management injection. It helped a bit in the front, but did nothing about the pain in my buttocks or my limping. Now I sit crooked for my buttocks is severely swelled up, I limp badly, my right leg is shorter than my normal left leg. My kneecaps are even crooked! I also am losing muscle in my surgical leg. The screw is still residing in my minimus gluteus muscle, I walk with a cane at work, for the pain, because limping hurts my back too much. I do have disc desiccation. The more I limp, the more my back hurts. So I walk with a cane to stay upright, the pain is horrible when I do that, but my back feels better. What's the answer? there is none, so I take percocet for the pain. If I sit around it's not so bad, when I get up to walk is when the pain starts. When I stand, I stand with my right surgical leg behind my left one for less pain, but my body suffers. I am trying to find help, but every doctor has refused to help me, why won't they? They see a patient who is swelled up and pain. So I am out of options, and depressed. I have carried health insurance throughout this whole ordeal and still do.
When you sleep with major pain, and cant sleep on your back or your right side because of the swelling, its not fun. Walking is horrible, my posture is horrible, I feel my leg was a doctors experiment, it looks different from my regular one. What I want is surgery, if I have to pay I will. I cannot live with this pain, what can I do?, and why won't the doctor's help me? I just want the pain and depression to stop. Please help me or tell me who can.

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