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I'm going to try to make this as quick as I can. I am a 35 year old male. I have had 2 surgeries within a year for chondromalacia, have had 2 cortisone shots, and 3 months or so of therapy in a years time. The only thing that worked was the first surgery but only gave me relief for 2 months and then back to the knee hurting. Nothing else has given me any relief at all and has actually made it worse. I saw my surgeon 3 weeks ago after an MRI and he said I have water on the knee which keeps coming back, and only about 20% cartlidge left, so more or less bone on bone in my right knee, so he told me to go home and think about TKR for a few weeks and then go back. I went back about 3 days ago and said lets do it since nothing else has worked and it keeps getting worse and I am now on crutches here and there to walk. He then said lets try synovites shots instead. I said no lets do the TKR like we discussed last time because I am tired of nothing working and tired of all the pain over the year and not being able to walk. He said he is going to ask my insurance company about the shots and then the TKR. Anyway each week my knee is worse. Like I said I have to use crutches outside the house, can drive no more then 10-15 minutes at a time, pain was just on this inside and under of the knee, but now I am feeling it everywhere around the knee, I feel a slight pop in my knee cap at least once a day, and my foot is going numb at times due to some swelling in my knee, and my knee is maltracking. I am tired of hurting and the pain of a year. What would you all do? Would you try the shots or go to a different surgeon and do the TKR since everything else has not worked and it'e been going on for a year? Ice and rest arent working either anymore. What could the slight knee popping that happens at least once a day that causes a sharp pain for a few minutes be? Any help would be greatful.

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