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Hello all! So I need some insight and/or opinions on something. Back in April '12 I tripped and fell HARD on both my knees, (right one hitting first and probably took the brunt of the hit) on a concrete floor. I hit so hard everything went black and I saw spots. I couldn't move! It was where two floors came together so there was about an inch or so different in height, and that is where my knee hit ... right on the 1 inch high crack.

My right knee was very sore for a few weeks, finally got a bruise about 2 weeks in. It still hurt after a month so I had it x-ray'd. They said I bruised the bone. Ok, so rest, ice and ibuprofen. Good .... well .... It still bothered me for a few months but I just ignored it. About two months ago, back in October '12 I went to squat down to put something in a mini fridge and POP! My right knee hurt so bad, I saw only black for a moment and then realized I was stuck. I couldn't stand!!! Had to take a min to push myself up. It was very swollen and painful for a few days. Finally went to have it looked at, had another x-ray. Doc pushed on the inside (Medial) part of the right knee and I just about jumped off the exam table ... HURT SO BAD! Needless to say, nothing much of interest on the x-ray. A month later I had an MRI.

MRI came back "ok". There was space difference around the meniscus. The "good" side had a nice big black triangle-like space. The Medial side was much smaller. But it didn't show a right out tear. So, the ortho sent me to a physical therapy. He said my knee is SO hypersensitive that he can barely work on it. He did some friction therapy on the medial joint line area but only for a few mins because it was SO painful. Apparently I have tendonitis now too. He has also been trying electro therapy and a iontopatch a couple times a week. I have been doing very light, no resistance stationary bike exercises for about 15 mins but at about 14 mins I keep getting VERY sharp internal knee pain. PT is concerned I may be developing RSD and is leaning more towards scoping the knee to see whats going on before diving right into surgery but he said if I'm starting to get symptoms of RSD, he doesn't want anymore trauma. But hes [B]not[/B] totally convinced its a Meniscus tear even though its acting like one only because it didn't show up clearly on the MRI as one.

So ... I know a small tear can heal, a medium one may not. Ive been in pain for months now and its really wearing on me. I eat ibuprofen like candy, ice it as much as I can. I'm just getting frustrated and tired. Should I keep doing therapy, should I let them scope it or just do the surgery? Does it really sound like the Meniscus? Everyone is just confused because nothing "major" showed up on the MRI but I'm in SO much pain. The pain ranges from throbbing and dull to SHARP.

Any thoughts would be really appreciated!

Thanks and Happy Holidays! :D

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